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Dr. Rashid Buttar-we have undercover footage

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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh
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RIP Dr Rashid Buttar
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⁣Amazing video seeing a very emotional Dr. B.

"It's not about our survival. I don't care Bryan whether you live or I live. I don't care about that. If someone said you can end this right now and give your life I would do it in a flash. And I bet you the vast majority of every one of these doctors on here would do the same thing so that the world can continue to move forward the way it's supposed to. We have to, we have to make this change now. We have to wake up, we have to realize what's happening because the planet's survival, literally, the human species' survival is at stake."

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Ann Catherine Briddell
Ann Catherine Briddell 3 months ago

"We have to make this change now. The survival of the human race is at stake!"

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mamakoko 4 months ago


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Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 6 months ago

What a beautiful human and role model he was and will always be. He literally gave his life for us.

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Gayle 6 months ago

He sure did know his stuff. Sad loss for the world.God I miss his teachings

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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 6 months ago

There is so much he left behind for us. I believe it’s for us to pass it forward. He is a great loss to this world.

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For Your Info Channel
For Your Info Channel 6 months ago

Thanks for sharing Paula

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