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Episode 10-Marvella Murray

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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh
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My next guest lost it all, but never her faith. She is an insipration for many. As her name suggests, Marvella is a Miracle. I hope you enjoy listening to her story as much as I have.

I normally edit my shows as to keep them around fifteen minutes, but I was moved to share Marvella's full interview. Enjoy!

For the full version of Marvella's miracle you can enjoy her book, Not Once Did His Promises Fail. Get it on Amazon - ⁣https://www.amazon.com⁣/Not-On....ce-Did-Promises-Fail

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣If you have a miracle story you would like to share and would like to be on the show please send an email to ⁣MiraclesHappen2222@gmail.com.

Paula Kavanagh

Guardian Angel
Link to full version - ⁣Guardian Angel - Light In The Black.

⁣Recorded In Nashville - 2021
Copyright 2021
Lyrics By Charlie Kavanagh
Music by Mike Simmons, Paul Simmons, Tony Nagy
Charlie Kavanagh - Vocals
Mike Simmons - Guitar
Tony Nagy - Bass and Vocals
Paul Simmons - Drums and Vocals⁣

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Tamara DeVito
Tamara DeVito 5 months ago

Thank you Marvella for sharing your story. Your a true miracle.

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jerseymame976 5 months ago

Thank you so much Marvella for blessing us with your love of the creator!

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Carol Fox
Carol Fox 5 months ago

You are a blessing Marbella! I love your miracle story.

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Jacinta Sterling
Jacinta Sterling 5 months ago

Wow! I am so touched by Marvella's story. God is still in the miracle business and her story is a true testament of God's love and faithfulness. She tells her story with such a beautiful attitude. The mind is a powerful thing when it learns to trust the creator and not believe the negative reports. The doctors can make predictions but it is God who determines the outcome. Hallelujah! Thanks for this ministry, Paula. It will give so much hope to many who are in a dark place spiritually.

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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 5 months ago

I agree, Marvella is a light for many. Thank you!

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 5 months ago

What a beautiful attitude and strong faith in God Marvella shares! Thank you and Bless You Marvella!

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