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Episode 3 - Sharon Leonard

170 Views· 09/25/22
Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh
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⁣Episode 3 - We see the power of belief manifest into today’s miracle story. Enjoy!

⁣If you have a miracle story you would like to share and would like to be on the show please send an email to ⁣MiraclesHappen2222@gmail.com.

Paula Kavanagh

Guardian Angel
Link to full version - Light In The Black

⁣Recorded In Nashville - 2021
Copyright 2021
Lyrics By Charlie Kavanagh
Music by Mike Simmons, Paul Simmons, Tony Nagy
Charlie Kavanagh - Vocals
Mike Simmons - Guitar
Tony Nagy - Bass and Vocals
Paul Simmons - Drums and Vocals

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kamille 8 months ago

Beautiful story! There are miracles every day. We just have to notice them and be grateful.

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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 8 months ago

I agree, that's why I thought it important to create this show. God is all around us we have to choose to see.

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fayeDS 8 months ago

Oh this is so beautiful and special. So happy for your duaghter Sharon.Thank-you for sharing.

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TerryC 11 months ago

Sharon, Thank you for sharing your wonderful Miracle story!

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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 10 months ago

I agree!

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BHInnx 1 year ago

Thank God, the Guardian Angels and all of you for sharing these truly amazing miracles with us through these great movie episodes.

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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 10 months ago

Thank you.

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Heidi Dean Wilcox
Heidi Dean Wilcox 1 year ago

I love your miracle Sharon!! And “How Great Thou Art” is one of my favorite songs too! Love that your little girl wanted to go sing it!!! Loved your story!

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