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French President Emmanuel Macron‘s wife is a Dude ?

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⁣Conspiracy Theorists are right again! 🤣🤣😂
• The Dailey mail posted an article claiming Brigitte Macron IS NOT a man. Weird….
• Two photos were released as “proof”
1. The first photo, the boy in the photo looks like Brigitte
2 The second photo looked way too new to look like a 70 year olds childhood photo.

—— turns out it was a picture of his daughter.
🔴 It turns out a 3 year Investigation took with journalists working with genealogist’s and what they found was explosive.
- Brigitte Macron was born a man named Jean Michel

- Jean Michel lived as a man for 30 years, fathered 5 children, and transitioned at the age of 30 to Become Brigitte.
🔴 “Brigitte” is unable to produce ANY PHOTOS of the first thirty years of her life outside what the daily mail published.
• There are NO photos of her and her brother at all,
🔴 According to the genealogists, Jean Michel existed for 30 Years, and then DISAPPEARED when Brigitte then came into existence
🔴 Sometimes Brigitte tells story’s that don’t add up… the math isn’t mathing.
• for example, she recalled living alone during Neil Armstrong moon landing in 1969.

— the problem with that is that she would have been 16 years old.

— if she is Jean Michel, who is 8 years older, making her 24 at the time.
• What about the story of her ex husband that she had three kids with?

— her ex husband doesn’t exist. They can’t find him anywhere.

— the MSM trying to prove he exists, they kept “accidentally” showing photos of different men.
🔴 Brigitte Macron sued two of the journalists… for what exactly?

—— for violation of Privacy and fundamental personal rights, plus illicit use of her image.

—— the journalists were punished with fines and a police visit and raid of her home.

—— they interrogated the journalists, told them to produce a list of journalists they were in contact with.

Source: Candice Owen

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