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How the Troll Doll Was Created | The Hustle

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Get the 5-minute newsletter keeping 2M+ innovators in the loop: ⁣ https://thehustle.co/join?ref=df25b60577 Troll dolls were among the hottest toys of the 20th century. Their story starts in Denmark, where an artistic father took inspiration from magical creatures in Scandinavian mythology to create a doll as a gift for his daughter. From Denmark to Hollywood, trolls are known worldwide. The second Trolls movie, Trolls Band Together, is set to release on November 17 in the United States.But the way to becoming a global phenomenon and two motion pictures, Troll dolls sparked several toy wars and international legal battles that left much of the money made from the doll's creation out of the original inventor's hands. So why did the original creator get snubbed? This original story was reported by Zachary Crockett. To read the original story, visit https://clickhubspot.com/hn5

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