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Naomi Horii on Healing Cancer, Spiritual Perspective on World Chaos & More!

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Naomi Horii, speaker, transformative educator, healer & intuitive, shares how she healed from a rare, aggressive cancer, and gives fantastic guidance on how we can maintain our own health. She also gives us great tools and perspective on how we can navigate the intense energy and dramatic changes that are happening in the world.

Browse all of Naomi's offerings at www.holdinglightproductions.com and tune into her weekly talk show, Heart Speak, at www.boldbravetv.com, Fridays at 2 pm Eastern Time.

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Brad Shoultes
Brad Shoultes 3 months ago

Great topic, shows people that your body can heal itself. Your inner self knows best!

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FreedomFriends 3 months ago

Yes, something we need to remember & re-learn, in many cases! Naomi is an amazing inspiration!

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