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The Stairwell Sessions presents Brian Kevin Wood - “Reason To Stay”- Episode 5

8 Views· 08/29/22
Brian Kevin Wood
Brian Kevin Wood
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Brian Kevin Wood shares his original song “Reason To Stay” https://briankevinwood.com/Brian Kevin’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCLutyQOUDgeJ_-Wfz
Lyrics:Am I wasting my timeOr am I hoping to findI can follow the signsYou're not satisfiedYou're speaking those wordsThat cut me to the boneSo deepSometimes at nightI'm starting to cryDon't even know whyAm I still in the fightYou're tearing me downInstead of building me up strongSomething I want to sayCan't find the words todayTomorrow might be too lateFinding I hesitateWanting something I know it ain'tI might not make it anywayI'm just looking for a reason to stayI'm just looking forA reason to stay

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